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The Checker Manufacturing Company was set up in Kalamazoo, Michigan on the sites of the former Dort and Handley-Knight plants. It was there that the first Checker Cab rolled off the assembly line in June 1923. The first Checker was essentially a renamed Checker Mogul taxi formerly made in Joliet, Illinois.


As it's clear from the icons to the right, Checker produced 25 major models over its 60 year run as a taxi and car manufacturer.


Today, the vast majority of Checkers that can still be seen at car shows and 'just by luck' sightings were made after 1956. Some older models like the H and Y can be seen in museums like the Gilmore Car Museum.


Some can be rented for special occasions like weddings and proms.

The Plant in 2011

Model G

1927 - 1928

Model A

1939 - 1941

Model A8

1956 - 1958

Commonwealth Taxi


Model K

1928 - 1930

Models B C D

1944 - 1946

Model A9 A10

1958 - 1962

Models C & H

1922 - 1923

Model M

1930 - 1932

Models A2 A3

1947 - 1949