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Checker E

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The Checker Model E was introduced in 1924. Two designs were sold. The Landau cost $2,340. The Limousine cost $2,440. In contrast, a Luxor taxi cost $3,000 that year.


As before, these cabs came with a Buda 4 cylinder engine.


There were 4,000 Checkers produced in 1924 by the roughly 700 employees in Kalamazoo.


In the same year, Morris Markin declared that the company would hire drivers regardless of race at its taxi companies throughout the country.


The first ever USA taxi exhibit was also held in 1924 in Chicago and included Reo, Checker, Willys-Knight, Overland, Premier, Pennant, Dodge, Rauch & Lang and Roamer.


The number of taxi drivers in NY had increased to 19,000 that year.

1924 Checker Model E
1924 Checker Model E Specs
1924 Checker E Taxi
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