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Checker T

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The Checker Model T was introduced in 1933 and now came with a Lycoming straight eight-cylinder engine.


The year was complicated for Checker by corporate intrigue. Markin was again ousted from the CEO spot in June. He then does a back-room deal with E.L. Cord who ends up as a majority shareholder and becomes Chairman in August. He then re-instates Markin as President.


Cord also transfers the Auburn Saf-T-Cab operations to Checker. This leads to the production of Checker Model T Saf-T-Cabs.


An order of 1,000 taxis by Parmelee allows Checker to hire back 500 workers.


In 1934 only 1,000 Checker taxis are built.



1933 Checker Model T Brochure-2w
1933 Checker Model T Front
1933 Checker Model T Rear
1933 Checker Model T
1934 Checker Saf-T-Cab
1933 Checker T Truck
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