Checker A-11 and A-12 models were produced over a 20-year period until the decision to stop making cars and taxis was made in 1982.


During those 20 years, many minor and major changes were made to help revive the brand. Unfortunately, there was never enough money to create a brand new model. Some of the more significant events were as follows:


1962: Checker Town Custom Limousine is introduced (A-11E)


1962: 3,000 private vehicles are sold to the public


1963: 7,050 cars & taxis are built


1964: Engines switched to Chevrolet from Continental


1966: 5,761 cars 7 taxis are built


1968: Perkin diesel engines are offered


1968: Roof and windshield are raised 2 inches


1969: Checker Medicar is introduced


1970: Morris Markin dies


1972: Prison version of Aerobus is introduced


1974: A-12W8 Aerobus and A-12 Wagon are discontinued


1976: A-128E Aerobus discontinued


1976: Ed Cole buys 50% of Checker


1977: Oldsmobile diesel engines are offered


1977: Ed Cole is killed in a plane crash


1980: Chevy V-6 engine is offered


1981: Only 3,100 cars are produced. Company loses close to $500K


1982: Last Checker rolls off the assembly line on July 12th