Checker C & H Taxis

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Checker Cab Manufacturing Company is formed in May 1922 by combining Commonwealth Motors with Markin Auto Body Corp.


It begins production of the Model C on June 18 with a 4 cylinder Buda engine. Later in the year production switches to the Model H based on the Commonwealth passenger car design. This also has a Buda 4 cylinder engine. In 1923, Checker produces 2,200 model C & H taxis and has roughly 700 employees.


Starting in 1922 and all the way to 1925, Millspaugh & Irish supply Checker with taxi bodies (dates approximate). The Checker Model H2 comes out in late 1923.


Sales continue to many cities, including New York, where there are now 15,233 taxi drivers. The Mogul logo is dropped in favor of a new Checker design.