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Checker A9 & A10

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The Checker A-9 and A-10 models were produced from 1958 to 1962, the longest run of any Checker taxi until that time. Twenty thousand A-9's were produced in that time period.


In 1959, the Superba version of the A-10 was put on the market as a family sedan. The price was $2,542. Checker built a total of 5,765 cars that year.


A stationwagon version of the Superba was introduced in 1960 at a price of $2,896. This was followed in 1961 by the 9- and 12-passenger Aerobus. The Superba name was changed to Marathon in 1961 as well.


Variations of the A-9 and A-10 were made mainly focused on the type of engine used. These included 6 cylinder Continental, Plymouth and HD engines. An 8 cylinder engine was available in stretch versions of the A-10 in 1961.


During this time period Checker lost money for 6 straight years until a slight profit was made in 1962.













1960 Checker A10 Superba Sedan
1960 Checker superba
1960 Checker Superba
1960 Checker A9 Advertising
1958 Checker A9 Taxi
1958 Checker A9 Aerobus
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