Checker K

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Although Morris Markin lost his post as President of Checker Motors, he continued to work behind the scenes of the new Model K car. It was built on a 127 inch wheelbase, had four-wheel hydraulic brakes and was powered by a 6 cylinder Buda engine.


This $2,500 car was a hit immediately after its introduction in 1928. Orders poured in from all parts of the country. Mitten Transportation of Philadelphia, for example,  placed an order for 500 taxis.


In 1929, Checker Motors had a net profit of $4.3 million. With this success, Markin began a drive to purchase more taxi companies around the USA including Chicago Yellow, NY Yellow and Parmelee Transportation. He also commissioned a new assembly plant from noted architect Albert Kahn. By this time there are 8,000 Checker taxis on the streets of NY City alone.