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Checker A4 & A5

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In 1950, Checker followed up the A-2 and A-3 models with the A-4 and A-5 vehicles. A total of 6.383 were produced during 1950 and 1952.


In 1950 a Checker convertible was displayed at the Geneva Auto Show. It was built on an A-2 chassis by the Worblaufen company. The fate of this vehicle is not known.


In 1952, out of the roughly 11,700 cabs plying the streets of New York, about 9,000 were Checkers. A similar story played out in other major cities like Chicago.


Checker also built a new office building, test track and two new cab manufacturing and assembly facilities in Kalamazoo that same year.











1951 Checker A5
1950 Checker Ad
1950 Checker A5
1950 Checker A4
1950 Checker A4 Taxi
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