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Commonwealth Taxi

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In 1919, Commonwealth Motors of Joliet, Illinois starts to sell their nickel-alloy steel cars to a few taxi companies. It uses the Commonwealth frame and a body by the Lomberg Auto Body Manufacturing Company.


Later that year, Morris Markin loans $15,000 to Commonwealth to allow for the production of the Mogul Taxi.


In 1920, Checker Taxi Cab Company of Chicago orders taxis from Commonwealth. These cabs now use bodies built by Markin Auto Body Corp.


By 1921, Commonwealth enters bankruptcy and is taken over by Markin. In July 1922, Markin announces that the company is now called the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company.


He decides to move the company from Joliet to Kalamazoo, Michigan.

1922 Mogul Taxi
1922 Mogul Taxi Chassis & Engine
1922 Mogul Logo
1922 Mogul Ad
1922 Checker Taxi NYC
1922 Checker Open Letter Markin
1922 Checker Hotel Chatham Ad
1922 Checker Hotel Chatham Ad
1922 Checker Announcement No 1.png
1922 Checker Announcement
1922 Checker Announcement No 2.png
1922 Checker.png
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