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Checker F

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The Checker Model F was produced in 1925 and 1926. Like its predecessor, the Model E, it was powered by a 4 cylinder Buda engine.


The Landau version had a fold-down convertible type mechanism in the back. Another version came with a completely enclosed passenger compartment and an open drivers section. Both came with a slightly slanted windshield.


By late 1925, Checker was producing 75 taxis per week. At this point, fleets of Checkers were in service in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Kansas City, New Orleans and Los Angeles.



1926 Checker Waukesha Experimental Taxi
1926 Checker UK Export Taxi
1925 Checker Model F
1925 Checker F Taxi
1925 Checker F Taxi
1925 Checker F Taxi
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