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Register your Checker with the Checker Car Club to share its technical and historical details. Include photos of your car and allow other members and the public to see your prized possession! You need only to send us an e-mail with a photo attachment to complete the registration. Please make sure that you have read, understood and agree with the Terms & Conditions related to the data and photos you submit.

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Model: Aerobus

Year: 1973

City: Peoria

State: IL

Zip/Postal Code: 93425

Color: Yellow

Engine: Chevy 350 V8 w/ TH400 transmission

Year Purchased: 1994


This car was originally used on an Army depot south of San Francisco. It's main purpose was to carry people from the airport to the base...




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                                  the car)

   Story/History: (Write as much as you wish to share about

                              the car)


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