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Map Registry - Terms & Conditions


When you send the e-mail with the information about your Checker vehicle (including its VIN number), you certify that you have read, understood and agree with the following terms and conditions related to the Checker Car Club of America map Registry:


  1. The information sent to the Checker Car Club of America (Club) by the Checker car owner (You) will be stored in the Club Map Registry (Registry);

  2. The Registry will be accessible for administrative and content management purposes only to individuals authorized by the Club;

  3. You agree that the information provided to the Club was/is submitted voluntarily and with the recognition that it (in whole or in part) will not cause irreprable harm to You or others if released or used by accident or inapproprite manner;

  4. The Club may make the information and photos submitted by You to Club members and the general public via its Web Site (Site), social media sites, other Internet and/or mobile devices and/or links to electronic files from one or more of these electronic storage locations;

  5. The Club may make the information and photos subitted by You to Club members and the general public via its printed publications such as the Quarterly Newsletter;

  6.  The information in the Registry will not be used for commercial purposes and will not be made available to any external organizations, companies or individuals to solicit business or contact You;

  7. The VIN number submitted by You will only be available to members in good standing of the Club;

  8. Portions of the VIN number (such as the Make, Model and Factory Production Order number) may be made available to the public provided that it does not permit the reverse engineering of the number to identify You as the owner;

  9. All other information submitted by you (i.e. Make, Model, City, State, Year Purchased, Color, technical data, historic data and photos) may be made available to Club members and the public at the discretion of the Club;

  10. The Club and You recognize that VIN numbers and personal identifying information may be obtained by individuals and/or organizations through means other than the Club Registry, Site or sites and/or electronic links under the control of the Club;

  11. With recognition of item number 10 above, You will indemnify and hold the Club harmless in the event that the VIN and/or any other personal identifying information is discovered via methods not under the control of the Club and/or requested from the Club by legitimate government and/or regulatory bodies; and

  12. Under no circumstances will You be entitled to monetary compensation in excess of $1,000 for any single breach of these Terms & Conditions.The

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