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Checkers* at the Strand Theater

Copyright 2017 - Checker Car Club of America, Inc.

It's quite unusual to have photos of Checker cars taken at the same location over several decades. Perhaps the only exception would be those taken in front of the Checker Cab Services building in Kalamazoo.

But, there is another site where such photos were taken over a period of six decades (1930's to 1970's). This is by the Strand Movie Theater in New York City.

Here is a short description of this theater from Wikipedia:

"The Strand Theatre was an early movie palace located at 1579 Broadway, at the northwest corner of 47th Street and Broadway in Times Square, New York City. Opened in 1914, the theater was later known as the Mark Strand Theatre, the Warner Theatre, and the Cinerama Theatre. It closed as the RKO Warner Twin Theatre, and was demolished in 1987."

Consider this a short photo essay of the cars we love. And yes, we know that not all of the taxis depicted are Checkers.







* - and some other taxis

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