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Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Visit

Join us on Friday, July 14, to visit Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

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Event: Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Visit

When: Friday Morning - July 14

List of CCCoA Convention Events:

  • Tour Bell's Brewery (Thursday);

  • Visit the old Checker Motors plant site and Markin Glen Park (Thursday);

  • Tour the Gibson guitar factory (now called Heritage Guitars) (Thursday);

  • Visit Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park (Friday);

  • Visit the Gerald Ford Presidential Library (Friday);

  • Tour the Gilmore Classic Car Museum (home of Checkers) (Saturday);

  • Visit Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park (Friday);

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park opened in April 1995 after 13 years of planning and fundraising by the West Michigan Horticultural Society.

In 1990, Fred and Lena Meijer (pronounced as Meyer) were asked for their support, and they embraced the concept of a major cultural attraction centering around horticulture and sculpture. The original vision has turned into a top cultural destination in the Midwest region, known internationally for the quality of the art and gardens.

Meijer Gardens' dream and commitment is to create a legacy of lifelong learning, enjoyment and a rich cultural experience for generations to come. It is a non-profit organization, privately funded by grants, foundations and individual and corporate gifts. The organization is operated by almost 200 full and part-time staff, more than 1,000 volunteers and supported by gifts from more than 27,000 member households and many donors.

Meijer Gardens promotes the enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of gardens, sculpture, the natural environment and the arts.

While there, be sure to take in the exhibit "Ai Weiwei at Meijer Gardens: Natural State." This is Ai Weiwei's first show in the upper Midwest as well as the first of its kind for the artist at a botanical garden or sculpture park.

Ai Weiwei has emerged as one of the definitive cultural voices of the 21st century. Known to work in a wide variety of contexts and scale, his ability to transform materials to share his ideas, concerns and vision has given rise to a critically acclaimed and widely appreciated body of work. Iconic among recent work is his colossal Iron Tree, acquired and installed in 2015 in honor of Meijer Gardens' 20th anniversary.

Other Highlights:

Japanese Garden

Victorian Garden

Sculpture exhibits and park

Botanical Garden

Taste of the Gardens Cafe

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