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Weather Strips, Window Channels & Body Rubber

Copyright 2016 - Michael Angelich and John Weinhoeft

Recently Michael Angelich ran across an old handwritten sheet of part numbers and was kind enough to send the following information for the newsletter. Since it was handwritten, I have taken the liberty of retyping it here, and adding some additional information from my personal experiences.

Note that most of these companies are wholesale or business supply warehouses, so you will need to have a company to order directly from them. However, your local auto body shop or auto body retail supplier

should be able to order for you.


Restoration Specialties and Supply Company aka RSS

P.O. Box 328, RD # 2

Winber, PA 15963


Auto Vehicle Parts Company aka Auveco

Wholesaler, available through auto body shops


908-753-6066 Mary @ extension 218

McMaster - Carr

Wholesale industrial supply house with locations in

New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland & Los Angeles

Parts List:

Some additional inner door flange weather strip specs from the 2016 RSS catalog:

Some additional window channel specs

Steel Core Window Channel, Un-beaded Rigid, A=1/2", B=3/8", C=3/16" to 1/4"

Here is the entry from the 2016 RSS catalog:

And finally a last word from Michael:

Rust doesn’t sleep! Remember: A Checker can take a beating but it can’t take a bath! Keep yours garaged and dry!!

Additional information:

Door weather strip

J.C. Whitney parts (replacement, not OEM style) number 81-9909 is a thick bulb that I like the look and feel of but 14-3539 is a smaller bulb that would probably work as would 13-2562.

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