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Checker Motor Cars: An Update

Copyright 2016 - Steve Contarino. Used with permission.

Assembling an automobile may seem an impossible task, it really is not (though some days I think so).

Truth is, it happens more often than you might think. Many small automobile companies exist:

Factory Five, DeLorean, Zimmer, DiMore, Stutz, Dubuc Motors, Iconiq Motors, Morgan, Local Motors and


Remember the key word “Assembling”. Really, very few large automobile manufacturers make cars.

They purchase parts or components from partners and suppliers and turn them into the finished product.

Steve Contarino with the clay models

There are 4,570 parts and components in our Sports Pick Up and 4,790 parts and components in the sedan. Parts are single pieces and components are engines, transmissions, rear ends, etc. So we're not making every little part or component. You might ask: What vehicle will the components come from? The answer is from many! Most are trucks and cars from the 80’s and 90’s, with suspension and engines from current day cars or technology.

There are some components we just have not finalized and, honestly, we’re very busy restoring Checkers and developing parts, so until we build our concept cars in the next 12 months, we’re not going to have prototypes. We’re looking at carbon fiber, and many types of new polymers, as well as sheet metal technology to make second generation Checker Motor Cars quieter and handle better by using fiberglass reinforced plastic, hot stamping and tuned suspensions.

Because of our expertise in the automotive industry, our suppliers are the best in the industry and will provide us the necessary parts and components that will allow us to assemble an iconic appearance with the

underpinnings of a modern automobile. Great companies like Budd, Lemond Composites, Genesee Group

Inc., Plastic Con, and Presco know the technology in each of their markets.

We’re trying to use many newly designed parts that will fit our new cars and the First Generation of Checker automobiles. Using new technology makes the appearance great and affords better parts. Our grille, the fender trims, frame components and more.

It has been an interesting journey and there are changes every day, so we’re open to components that are super technology driven such as Power Solutions International with their clean fuel engines, VM MOTRI with clean diesel, GM 5.7 EFI engines, Hellwig suspension components, and many more.

Some component designs take many attempts, such as the appearance of the side window in the Sport Pick up, and the seating configuration in the Model 888 (the 6 door touring sedan).

Visit our Facebook page for all the updates and enjoy our journey to create a second generation of an American Icon!

Above: Two different takes on the pickup window

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