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Checker Dealership Photos

Copyright 2016 - Checker Car Club of America

Article updated May 10, 2016

Some of these photos were also published in the Winter 2016 issue of Checkerboard News.

Editors Note: Over the 60 year lifetime of Checker Taxis, Checker Motors relied on a dealer network in the USA and around the world to sell its cars. All of these disappeared after 1982 when Checker ceased car production. While a record of these dealerships exists (most notably in the archives at the Gilmore Museum), it would take a major research effort to identify them all. For now, we have to rely on the submissions of individuals who happen to come across these records and/or photos as this article shows. So, if you happen to have information about other Checker dealerships, we encourage you to let us know. - George Laszlo

Over the years, former Checker dealerships have disappeared. Several of the old buildings were documented in the photo gallery of the old web site. With the addition of the Marvin Winkoff managed Long Island City dealership and Jim Garrison’s photo of the assembly plant debris, I thought it might be a good time to revisit a few of the buildings.

Checker Motor Sales Corp. - Long Island City, New York

Cheyenne Body Shop, Detroit MI - Intersection of Plymouth Rd & Evergreen

Charlie's Auto Service, Tucson AZ

“Checker Charlie” Broder’s former Checker dealership at 228 East Sixth Street in Tucson, Arizona

DeWitt Motors, Akron Ohio - 465 North Main Street. According to Jim Sisk who used to work at DeWitt in the 1970's the dealership carried AMC, Checker, Jeep, Sunbeam and Simca cars.

North End Subaru, Lunenburg MA - Sold Checkers for a short time, including a few police Checkers. Steve Contarino remembers North End since they were/are in his neck of the woods.

Checker Motors Sales, Service & Parts, Kalamazoo MI

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