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Getting the Build Sheet for Your Checker

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Article updated February 4, 2017

As a Checker owner, it is now possiblefor you to get a copy of the build sheet (Purchase Order) that was used to send the production order for your car to the Checker plant.

Every Checker had a Purchase Order (build sheet). Whether it was a one-of-a-kind, special order, Marathon or Limo, or if it was one of 500 taxicabs all exactly alike, there was a build sheet for it.

By contacting the Gilmore Museum with the necessary information, they can look up the build sheet for your car and then print a copy from the scanned collection.

The records cover the model years mid-1963 through 1982 and are mostly complete, though there are a few gaps.

To obtain your build sheet, the Gilmore Museum will need the following information:

1) Purchase Order Number (P.O.): This is on the Checker Motors Corp. build plate, which is on the firewall, under the hood, and above the brake canister/brake master cylinder. You will find it Just to the right of the SN/VIN number. Example: P.O. 6063. Some plates do not have a P.O. number.

2) Serial Number or VIN: Example: A12-5531-17098 or 1CMMS412XBK005678 (1981 / 1982). Located on the firewall build plate, the A pillar plate and on the dash SN/VIN plate, left side, close to the windshield. This will help the Museum find the build sheet if there is no P.O. number.

3) Build Date / Month Year: This is located on the ID plate on the drivers side A pillar. That is, the left-front body pillar on which the drivers door hinges are mounted. This helps narrow the search. Example: 8-80 (built in August of 1980)

A typical build sheet ready for printing

To place the order:

1) Send the information together with the $35.00 processing fee and your return mail address to:

Gilmore Car Museum

Checker Production Orders

6865 Hickory Road, Hickory Corners, MI 49060

You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or Check


2) Send the information by email along with your shipping address to the Gilmore Museum website at Then, make a payment via PayPal to

In case that you have more than one Checker, you can include an additional $20.00 per vehicle and the needed information for each vehicle.

In the event that the Gilmore does not have your build sheet, your payment will be refunded.

Expect about three weeks for delivery.

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