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Finding Answers in Our Newsletters

As you know, almost all of the CCCoA quarterly newsletters are available from the Library page of the Club web site, Checker World.

Since opening each PDF file to find something specific is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack, we have taken the time to index every article and make that index available to you for browsing.

The index is sorted in alphabetical order by Keyword and within that in reverse chronological order.

For example, here is the section of the index where all the Repair topics are listed:

Notice in the right column the keywords "Repair: Gas Mileage", "Repair: Gas Tank" and "Repair: Gauges." Then, within the entries for "Repair: Gauges," note that there are several articles appearing in reverse order from 2009 to 2002.

If you wanted to read the 2009 article by John Weinhoeft, you would simply click on the article title that is shown in blue.

When you click on the article, it will open in a new tab of your browser. From the index, note the page number where the article begins and use that to scroll down to that page in the Newsletter.

While the list of keywords will grow and change over time, the following is the list as it exists today. Use it to find the term closest to the topic that you want and then scroll down the index to locate the relevant articles.

That's all there is to it.

Happy Searching!

Newsletter Keywords



Body Fixtures / Ornaments

Body Work

Body Work: Bumpers

Body Work: Caution

Body Work: Door Locks

Body Work: Door, Pillar, Rocker

Body Work: Doors

Body Work: Doors, Fenders

Body Work: Hood

Body Work: Jump Seats

Body Work: Rust

Body Work: Weatherseal

Body Work: Wheels

Body Work: Windshield Wipers

Build Sheets


CCCoA Board

CCCoA Bylaws

CCCoA Finances

Checker Article

Checker Plant

Checker Plant Fire

Checker Scale Model

Checker Sighting

Convention / Car Show / Meet


Diesel Checker



For Sale

Gilmore Museum

Guetamala Checker

Hacienda Checkers


HSBC Checker


Mary Kay Checker




Model: 1983?

Model: A

Model: A-11

Model: A-2

Model: A-8

Model: A-9

Model: A-12

Model: A-12E

Model: Adaptobile

Model: Aerobus

Model: Bus

Model: Camper

Model: Fire Truck

Model: Ghia Checker

Model: Golf Cart

Model: K-2

Model: M

Model: Marathon

Model: Medicar

Model: Passenger Cars

Model: Pre-1960

Model: Prototypes

Model: Specialty

Model: Superba

Model: Superba Wagon

Model: T Saf-T-Cab

Model: Utility Vehicles

Model: Winkoff

Model: Y

Modified Checker

Movies / TV / Music / Videos

MV-1 Taxi

New York Checker


Oswald Checker

Owner Profile

Owner Profile: Obituary

Park, Carson

Pfauter, Herman

Poland Taxis

Police Checker

Price List


Repair: Body

Repair: Brakes

Repair: Control Arms

Repair: Cooling System

Repair: Dash Guages

Repair: Dieseling

Repair: Electrical

Repair: Emissions

Repair: Engine

Repair: Frame

Repair: Fuel Line

Repair: Fuel Pump

Repair: Fuel System

Repair: Gas Mileage

Repair: Gas Tank

Repair: Gauges

Repair: General

Repair: Headlights

Repair: Headliner

Repair: HVAC

Repair: Ignition Module

Repair: Lubrication

Repair: Lubrication / Gauges

Repair: Motor

Repair: Motor Oil

Repair: NOS Parts

Repair: Parts

Repair: Parts Manufacture

Repair: Parts on Hand

Repair: Parts prices

Repair: Power Steering

Repair: Preventive Maintenance

Repair: PVC Valve / Guages

Repair: Radiator

Repair: Radio

Repair: Stabilizer Bar

Repair: Steering

Repair: Steering Column

Repair: Suspension / Brakes

Repair: Transmission

Repair: Transmission Mount


Silva, Marcos

Street Cred

Taxi Meter

Taxi Stands


Taylor, Andy

Unusual Checkers

UPS Checker

Utah Checker


Water Taxis

Web Site


Winderbaum, Harold


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