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How well do you know your Checkers?

Copyright 2015 - Checker Car Club of America

The weather was great for the 52nd Annual August Festival at Macungie, PA. I was the last to show up for the Checker (unofficial) Club meeting. The gathering has been a summer tradition for all ages and for me for the last seven years. The park offers three fun-packed days in the great outdoors, it's a perfect way for families to celebrate summer. Some of the members attend all three days. However, club day is always the First Sunday in August. With 42 acres of covered with more than 1,000 cars on display, food, entertainment, flea market, and more cars on Friday and Saturday. Bruce Uhrich will cover more of the details in a later article.

If you are thinking about going next year, it is always the first weekend in August with club day on Sunday. For those in your family who are into other things there was an antique auto flea market, offering deals on parts and accessories for sale and trade by more than 600 vendors. There also were more than 100 vendors showing off arts and crafts, needlepoint, pottery and metal work.

If you attended the South Bend Convention, you might have remembered placing the vehicles in order as close to chronological as we could. By paying attention to details at that event you should do well in this pop quiz.

I’ll start by asking you the years of these cars that arrived at Das Awkscht Fescht on 2015-08-02? (People who attended the festival are disqualified from entering) The first person that correctly identifies each year wins! Only email submitted to will be considered.

Yes, we lack in numbers of vehicles present but had a great time. We had more cars then the Crosby folks and a few other clubs.

Sharpen your thinking caps and write down the numbers 1 to 8 on a sheet of paper or on you computer, then place the year beside each auto that has the number in the picture.

Good luck and hope you know more than the average person about Checker. Actually by owning a Checker, you are smarter than the typical individual.

Please ONLY send emails and leave NO clues here for others to follow!

Here is this month clues (Owners / Year of their Checker):

Christian Hutter 1976

James Roger Jr 1976

Douglas Klauck 1972

George Lukacs 1970

Anthony Mattern 1967

Bill Hossfield 1965

James Roger Jr 1965

Bruce Uhrich 1956

NOW can you match the picture number with these? Good Luck!

Hope you enjoyed playing. Were you able to match them?

Copyright 2015 - Checker Car Club of America

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