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Register Your Checker



Submit only one car per form!


  1. Review the form to see what information we need to register your Checker;

  2. Collect the information;

  3. Take digital photos of your car (at least one photo is required);

  4. Fill out the form and attach the photos;

  5. Click the SUBMIT button



Your Checker will be shown and described on one or more web sites of the Checker Car Club such as Checker World and/or the Checker World Facebook Group. It may also be used in the Checker Car Club quarterly newsletter "Checkerboard News". 


Your personal information will not be shared with anyone (e.g. name, address, email, phone number, VIN, Purchase Price) without your permission.


Attach at least one photo of your car although the more photos you submit the better.


By clicking the SUBMIT button, you agree to share this information with the public except for the personal information listed above.



The VIN (which can normally be found on the firewall just behind the brake cylinder) is the best way to trace the history of any Checker. This is true because it is the only identifying information that stays with the car throughout it lifetime. If we have the VIN in our database, it may be possible to track your car from the time it was built by Checker through every owner up to you (and beyond).

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