Checker: The All American Taxi
This latest addition to the 'must have' Checker library describes and lavishly illustrates the 60-year history of this American icon. Published by our friend, Bill Munro, of Earlswood Press in the UK, the book can now be yours at the Checker Car Club discounted price of $25 USD.

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Checker: The All American Taxi

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  • Nothing portrays the American taxicab like the classic Checker. Even though it has been out of production, and out of service for many years, film and TV programme makers still want this vehicle to represent taxi transportation for their modern day characters. In this richly illustrated book, Checker aficionados Ben Merkel and Joe Fay guide us through the history of the most famous models, the A-8 to the A-12, taking in many of the limousine and private car variants on the way. Covered too is a brief history of the Checker company and the pre-war and the immediately post war models that predated the A-8. Illustrated with archive shots, posed photographs and on-street images, in New York City, Chicago and many of the towns and cities across the USA and overseas that operated the Checker.