Our New York Checker Cab Caramel Flavored Popcorn will “drive” you crazy!  An insane mix of gourmet caramel corn and the finest milk chocolate. Each piece is hand-dipped to popcorn perfection! This creative invention was discovered as a couple traveled through New York City, Frann eating chocolate pieces and Neil eating popcorn. Neil’s piping hot corn melted Fran’s chocolate that flew through the air as the taxi cab made a sudden jerk. A chocolate drizzled popcorn creation was born. 

Checker Popcorn - 3 Pack

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$19.00Sale Price
  • We can make this great popcorn available to you at a reasonable price by shipping in groups of three. This is the perfect gift from or to any Checker fan. Let us know what you think of the taste and packaging so we can decide if this product will be a permanent part of the Checker World Gift Shop. Note: This product can only ship within the USA and Canada.