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Checker Car Club News


2022 February 3

Check out for current news. 

We are unpaid volunteers who have other commitments, we have limited time to work on projects. If you would like to help, email and let us know. We can always use and extra hand...Checker owners are not alone.

2019 February 19

How are we doing?

At CCCoA, we are always seeking new ways to provide value to our members. We are currently considering potential new links, and we would love your feedback on if this would be valuable to you.


Please give us nine minutes or less of your time to tell us what you think. We’ll use the real-world perspective of members like you to determine whether or not we should offer this new site information. If we do move forward, your feedback today will also help us tailor it to meet your needs.


Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

 A Checker Is Never Alone!. See you at the next convention.

2019 February 19
Due to George Laszlo illness and passing we have been unable to update many of the sections of this website. If you are visiting and want more information please send an email to Include the following:
     Email address
     Question that you would like answer

2018 February 28

Our annual membership drive for the 2018/2019 year is now over. Thanks to all those who renewed and those who joined for the first time. Your membership contribution will allow us to keep upgrading our web sites and continue to publish our quarterly newsletter, "Checkerboard News."

2018 February 12

The Checker Car Club announces the complete redesign and launch of the Checker Photo Gallery.  Checker World visitors can now view Checker photos organized by Year, Model and/or physical Location. The collection includes photos of 188 Checker cars, cabs and limousines and over 100 photos of historic Checker models built between 1922 and 1982. Many design changes were also made to the web site to make user navigation easier. 


2018 January 23

The 2018/2019 Checker Car Club membership drive is announced. All Checker Fans are encouraged to join/renew with the Club and support our efforts to make any and all information related to Checker vehicles and Checker Motors Corp. available to  our members and the public at large.

2017 September 14

The 2018 Checker Car Club annual convention is announced. It will be held from June 26-30, 2018 on the Indiana Heritage Trail with a home base in Elkhart.


2017 August 19

A new service, Checkers For Sale, is launched on the Checker World Web Site. The main splash screen of the web site is updated to reflect this feature.


2017 July 

The 2017 Convention of the Checker Car Club is held in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Tweny nine Checkers are displayed at various venues over the 4 day event


2017 May 1

Registration for the 2017 Annual Convention will be open on May 13th. The convention will be in Kalamazoo, Michigan from July 13 to July 16.


2017 Feb. 10

Major changes have been made to our Checker World Map. You can now filter the Checkers by categories like Private, For Sale, Taxi/Rental, etc. In addition, owners and sellers can now submit photos and descriptions of their Checkers via on-line forms. The way that photos are displayed have also been improved. More to come...


2017 Feb. 1

February is MEMBERSHIP MONTH. Renew your membership or sign up as a new member. Still only $25 per year in the USA, $30 for the rest of the world.


2017 Jan. 3

Dates for our 2017 Convention have been set. Read more about it here


2016 Nov. 27

The CCCoA Checker World web site main page was redesigned for improved legibility and ease of use. Some related (linked) pages were also updated.


2016 Nov. 2

After an absence of roughly one week, the Checker World Facebook page was put back up by Facebook. The CCCoA provided information to Facebook showing that the alleged trademark infringement by a self anointed rival was without merit.


2016 Oct. 26

The Checker World Fcebook page is taken down by Facebook based on a trademark infringement claim. The CCCoA Board provides information to Facebook showing that the claim is without merit.

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