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Will You Join Us This Year?
"The future looks bright but we need your support to make it a reality."

From now until the 28th of February we will be asking you to support our initiatives that preserve, protect and promote the tremendous legacy of Checker Motors Corporation and the cars, taxis and specialty vehicles they produced.


By making a $25 (USA) or $30 (elsewhere) donation to the Checker Car Club, you can help insure that all of the information (historical documents, car and plant photos, club newsletters, marketing materials and service documents) continue to be collected, organized, disseminated and preserved for generations to come.


As the only registered non-profit organization in the world dedicated to the legacy of Checker automobiles, the Checker Car Club is the best insurance you have that future generations can benefit from the 60 year history of Checker Motors. And only you can make sure that we have adequate resources to keep that legacy alive.


We are also the only organization that treats you with the respect and consideration you deserve. The best example of this is our resolve to continue to print and mail hard copies of our quarterly newsletter, Checkerboard News. You have told us repeatedly that a printed publication is highly valued and we, in turn, have valued that opinion. So, you can expect Checkerboard News to show up in your mailbox four times in the coming year.


Your contribution to this Club makes it possible to maintain a first-rate web site, electronically publish a blog, moderate a lively Facebook group, organize an annual Checker convention and publish a quarterly newsletter.


The most expensive components of the above initiatives are the web sites and quarterly newsletter. This past year, your Club spent close to $7,000 just on these programs. In other words, it took 280 memberships at $25 each just to cover these two expenses.


The Checker Car Club is clearly focused on the future. We have solid plans for making further upgrades to our web presence, obtaining and digitizing Checker documents that have not yet seen the light of day, and launching a marketing initiative to build our membership.


While many other car clubs have given up on the future (e.g. - The Tucker Car Club folded just recently), we have learned over the past two years that the number of Checker fans out there is much larger than we ever imagined. If this was not the case, we would not have been able to attract over 700 members on our Facebook page or received over 4,000 visits to our Checkers Worldwide Map on the Checker World web site.


The future looks bright but we need your support to make it a reality. We hope you will renew your membership for two very good reasons: 1. To help preserve the legacy of Checker Motors and 2. To continue to deliver valuable services to you, our member.

With your support we can assure that “A Checker Owner is Never Alone!” TM


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us*.




Becky Carlson and Tony Mattern

Membership Committee

Checker Car Club of America, Inc. 


* - Send email to

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