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Facebook Page


Link to the Checker Car Club Facebook Page. Use this for day-to-day communications with other Checker members and enthusiasts.

Checker Photos

One of the largest collections of photos depicting Checker automobiles around the world. Categories include: Owner Photos, Celebrities, Business Cars, Government Cars, Conventions, Restorations and Fashion Shots


A world map of all Checker cars and cabs that are either privately owned, for sale, in museums or can be rented for events. Map your Checker today!


An electronic newsletter / magazine about Checkers and their owners. Contributions are welcome.

Gift Shop

A place for browsing and buying Checker related merchandise at the best possible prices.

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Checkers for Sale

Checker Photos

Checker Documents

A listing of Checker cars for sale during the current 90 day period. Includes location, price and photos whenever available.


A collection of photo galleries showing Checkers in all their splendor.


Key document collections related to Checkers (e.g. Newsletters, Repair & Maintenance documents, Marketing & Advertising brochures, etc.)

showing Checkers in all their splendor.

Checker History

An electronic collection of special and permanent exhibits related to Checker taxis and cars.

Movies / TV /Videos

A place to enjoy watching video clips, TV segments and movie clips depicting Checker cars/taxis

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A link to the latest news about the Checker Car Club of America and the various web sites it offers members and the public at large.


Everything you need to know about our annual conventions (past, present and future).

Web Links

Links to other places on the internet where more information about Checker cars can be found.


A place to sign up as a member of the Checker Car Club and learn about the benefits of being a member.


A list of key people at the Checker Car Club including Board Members

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