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About the Checker Map


The Checkers Worldwide map shows every Checker known to the Checker Car Club.


All Checkers are shown whether they belong to members or not.


The following icons are used to designate different types of ownership:h. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I alace for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


- Checker Car Club Member

- Checker Taxi and/or Rental Company

- Car Museum

- Checker Owner (not a Club Member)

Note that a unique ID number is assigned to the car. In this example, the ID tells you that the car is in the USA, in the state of Pennsylvania and is the 26th Checker we know of in that state.


We do not tell you who the Checker owner is or the exact location of the car. This is to protect the privacy of the owner.


If you wish to be put in touch with the owner, please use the Contact form to send us a request and include the Checker ID number and your contact information in the note. We will then ask to owner to contact you directly.


In the event that we have photos of the vehicle, there will also be a link in the box.

When you click an icon on the map, a box similar to the one to the left will open. It shows the car ID and description.

- Checker for Sale (now or in past)

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