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   A Checker Owner Is             Never Alone
  Except when working         On the Checker.
  What a peaceful time!

Buying or Selling a Checker

Since sales are of a time sensitive nature

we suggest you join us on our Face Book Page for an ever changing offering of a variety of Checkers.  Remember to ask questions and get a lot of photos on any Checker you are considering you can  CLICK HERE for our online listings..

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Register your Checker and see where your fellow Checker Lovers live.  See Photos of your friends cars and add your photos to the collection.

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You can order this shirt even if you are not going to the convention.  Designed by our own Will Brandum and it is a great way to show your pride in our club.  Prices are on the forms.  Make sure to press the icon for the USPS to include shipping.

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    Our Mission

The Checker Car Club of America was organized in April 1982 for the preservation, enjoyment and sharing of information on Checker automobiles manufactured from 1922-1982. We are the oldest and most respected Checker Car Club in the world.


Our slogan, "A Checker Owner Is Never Alone," is taken seriously by our 700+ members who are scattered all over the world.


The Club publishes a quarterly newsletter, runs an active Facebook group called "Checker World," maintains a member web site and holds annual conventions. Please see the CONVENTIONS page for information about our next convention.

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