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The 2012 Checker convention in Dayton revealed many aspects of this historic and vibrant city to our members and guests.


A Friday visit to the US Air Force National Museum created jaw-dropping reactions to the planes and aerospace vehicles on display both inside and outside this huge facility.


Later that day, a visit to the Citizens Motor Car Company gave a great opporutunity to see many vintage Packard cars up close followed by a delicious meal in the same building.


A sun-filled Saturday made the visit to Carillon Park memorable by allowing us to learn about the social and economic history of Dayton. It also gave Daytonians the chance to see our cherished Checkers while lined up in formation on the park grounds.


The day concluded with our annual banquet held at the Golden Corrall restaurant followed, as usual, by late night chats next to our cars in the hotel parking lot.


Please click on the photo galleries to the right to see the photos from this event


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